There has been a lot of talk about the eclipse that is going to be happening on April 8th. We are less than a week away and Texas is getting excited. Even though Amarillo will only get to experience about eighty percent of the eclipse it is still going to be pretty cool.

There are plenty of great places in Texas that will get the totality of the eclipse. I didn't realize until I was in Dallas over the weekend that they would be in the direct line. In fact they are preparing for the influx of people in the area. There are businesses in Dallas that are even closing for the day. My daughter just found out over the weekend that her medical clinic was closing for the day.

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So what is so cool about this eclipse? Why is this such a big deal for us to experience? Why are people traveling so far to ensure they are a part of this? Everyone has their reasons of course but The Discovery Center is trying to explain about the phenomenon.

It is all part of this show they are bringing to the Discovery Center to explain what is so special about this eclipse.

Not only will the Discovery Center be offering this show for us all to learn about the eclipse but they will be out on the day as well. There will be a viewing party on Monday, April 8th. You can check out the details HERE.

Get out and enjoy this new Space Theater Show at the Discovery Center and wrap it all up with the viewing party. The Discovery Center is making sure that this is the best solar eclipse experience you will get in Amarillo.

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