Every 4th Of July brings fireworks to Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. Loud cracks, bangs, and booms can be heard all around the city. Mortars getting shot high into the sky to produce this beautiful array of colors that bring the admiration of everyone.

Parties and gatherings are held, grills and smokers are constantly filing the sky with smoke, and good smells. Plenty of adult beverages are consumed, and the screams of the kids running around in anticipation of setting of the aforementioned fireworks are ear-piercing.

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Well this 4th of July, we had plenty of fireworks, and Texas Highway Patrol Troopers also had to deal with some fireworks of their own. No, they didn't get to shoot off anything into the sky or see all the pretty colors.

That's because they were busy making a huge bust in Carson County while everyone else was enjoying the festivities of our independence.

DPS Troopers stopped a vehicle on I-40 near Groom. Nothing big at the time, just a basic stop for a traffic violation. However, at 5:30 pm on July 4, someone's independence would come to a screeching halt.

During the traffic stop, troopers uncovered five tape-wrapped bricks of cocaine in the trunk of this vehicle. Now, these bricks of cocaine can vary in weight. These particular bricks were around two pounds a piece.

Yes, 10 pounds of cocaine in the back of a car were just headed on a road trip. According to the report, the cocaine was being transported from Arizona to Indiana for its final destination. Both the driver and passenger of the vehicle were arrested and booked into Carson County Jail.

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