I really think if you grew up in the eighties here in Amarillo you wanted to be a part of this popular TV show. You wanted to get inside your car without opening a door. Why not just slide through the window? You then wanted to take that car and jump whatever you could in your city.

Oh, and then there were the ones who were in love with Daisy Duke. She was so popular that a fashion trend was named after her. Who hasn't heard of Daisy Dukes? Who doesn't have a picture of those shorts come to mind?

The Dukes of Hazards was a way of life in the eighties. Oh, and don't get me started on their decision to bring the cousins onto the show. Nobody had time for Coy and Vance. No, we all wanted Bo and Luke Duke back. That is what we got. Oh, the eighties.

We had a taste of the eighties recently when this Duke made a stop in Amarillo recently. Bo Duke, a.k.a. John Schneider was recently in the area. He made a few stops. Of course, he had to make the obligatory stop at The Big Texan.

That was not the only stop he made while he was in Amarillo. The other one included food as well. I mean Amarillo does have a lot of great places to eat. We just do.

So a stop at The Big Texan and Meme's Cafe made this trip to Amarillo a success for John Schneider. We appreciate you spending some time here again. You are welcome back anytime.

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