As the weather in Amarillo starts to get nicer we think about ways to spend more time outdoors. One way that we enjoy is the several different ways to shop. The warmer weather reminds us that the farmer's markets and community markets are about to start their season.

That usually is the case. There is one yearly community event that is not coming back. Well, at least this year they are not. The Amarillo Community Market which usually happens every Saturday morning in downtown Amarillo is taking a break.

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I had heard some rumors about this from a few vendors in early December but wanted to wait for official word. That official word has come. You can find the info on the official Amarillo Community Market website.

I wanted to hear it straight from Center City of Amarillo's Executive Director, Beth Duke. I reached out to her to see what exactly is going on with Amarillo Community Market. She officially told me about the break.

According to Beth she said Amarillo Community Market is pausing this season.

Amarillo Community Market had eight great seasons.  In 2023, several factors impacted our market including the floods, the heat, and the drought, which hurt our local growers.
We had so many success stories with our vendors – several vendors are now wholesaling their products at grocery stores and other retail outlets.  Some vendors started their own online stores. Some of the cottage food bakers are taking orders and selling from their homes.
Center City is grateful for the support of our Amarillo Community Market. We look forward to more events in the future.
So even though this seems like a bummer it is totally understandable. There are other things going on with Center City. The show will go on with High Noon on the Square. That will start back up in June. Keep an eye on their schedule HERE.
They have several events throughout the year. You just have to keep an eye on their website or social media.
So just because they are pausing this year's Amarillo Community Market we will keep an eye out on all of their other fun events. There will be plenty.

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