At the beginning of the summer Texas was overwhelmed with rain. It felt like a never-ending week of flooding followed up by a hoard of mosquitoes.  

Now that the summer has continued, and the ground has dried out, rain sounds like a great time. Late-summer rain also always feels like an intro to fall, and we already know everyone is ready for the season to change, especially with all the fall décor already hitting store shelves.  

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Today especially has me craving the rain because of the clouds hanging out in the Lubbock sky, but I know there isn’t anything in the forecast for at least the next couple of weeks. TikToker @its_not_luciano is feeling the same way, and posted a hilarious TikTok showing how he feels. 

Shouting ‘repeat after me’ while dumping water on the ground is surprisingly relatable. I also agree that the amount of brown is not particularly ‘sexy’ as he says.  

The comments on the video also drive it home by pointing out how most of the country has seen plenty of rain recently, but Texas is left high and dry. People from Florida, Georgia, and some Northern states are all saying they will gladly send over some of the rain they’ve been experiencing.  

Hopefully, as the seasons start to change in September and October, we will start to see some rain. However, I hope it doesn’t rain so much that it ruins fall fun like going to the pumpkin patch or visiting the local corn maze.

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