Well, it's been 31 years since the Republican National Convention was in Houston.  How do I know?  My brother and I were hired to play the airport to welcome people to town.  However, they did not get the times right and as you can see from this picture we played to mostly empty IAH...

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Well, good news for the Houston economy as the Space City beat out Miami and Nashville to host the 2028 Republican National Convention. How good is the news?

Axios Houston broke it down...

"The convention will likely bring more than 50,000 visitors and a large economic boost to the city, according to the City of Houston, Houston First Corp. and the Houston National Convention Host Committee 2028.

But, but, but: While officials estimate that the convention could have a $230 million economic impact, experts say that number is highly inflated, the Houston Landing reports."

Houston did bid on the 2024 RNC but lost out to Chicago. According to Axios, the Republicans are happy to be back in H-town in 2028...

"Houston is such a great American city, it showcases our party so well. It's the biggest city in Texas, and that's saying something," Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC, said. "It's a perfect example of how our party is continuing to grow. We all know Hispanic voters have been shifting toward the Republican Party."

According to Axios, Houston City Council has been preparing for the selection...

"This month, Houston City Council approved a framework agreement for hosting the convention that ensures the city will provide the necessary services needed to host it.

The city is expected to receive approximately $80 million to pay for security and related costs. Per the agreement, Houston is not required to spend any of its own funds for the event."

So congrats to Houston! And by the way, my brother and I are available for a triumphant return to the airport for another gig!


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