We all know that the education system not only in Amarillo, but across the state and country is in a bit of trouble. Some places are better than others without question, and some taxpayers value education more than others.

Every election held in nearly every city in American will have SOMETHING education related on it, but it typically asks citizens to pay a touch more in taxes. Many have been conditioned to not want to pay more taxes for nearly anything, thus ballot measures fail.

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On Reddit this morning, I saw something that was very concerning to me, especially with two kids already in school, and another headed there in a few years. Education is something that is at the forefront of my mind.

The post I saw mentioned how we are over capacity in some classrooms in AISD. The post specifically mentioned there are 24 or more students in classrooms right now. The maximum for pre-k through 4th grade is 22 students per classroom in the state of Texas.

Yes, they are allowed to apply for a Maximum Class Size Exception to allow them to have bigger classrooms. I don't think anyone is accusing AISD of having bigger classes unbeknownst to anyone, it's more a statement of how the class sizes are too big.

The post continued with items such as pushing curriculum that doesn't work, teachers only receiving a pay raise of 2% while having to deal with more students, and now this latest development according to the post.

Allegedly, AISD is raising insurance premiums on teachers by 33% and raise the deductibles from $3000 to $4500. Now this one I can say most likely isn't on AISD as healthcare has increased year after year recently. I know my premiums and deductible went up as well for 2024, as I'm sure many did as well.

The post called for people to pack the AISD boardroom on Monday, April 8 to discuss the conditions teachers are currently dealing with. I haven't seen what has come out of that meeting as of yet, but will be keeping an eye out for any info that came from it.

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