As one of Amarillo's main claims to fame The Big Texan and its main attraction, the 72-ounce steak challenge is well-known throughout the country and quite possibly, worldwide. But some of you may not know that this challenge was actually featured as a central plot point in an episode of one of America's most iconic cartoons, King of the Hill.

In the 37th episode of King of The Hill "And They Call It Bobby Love", Bobby Hill gets his heart broken by a vegetarian and is subsequently taken to a steakhouse to help cheer him up. The steakhouse is named "The Panhandler Steakhouse" which is an obvious reference to the Texas Panhandle, where The Big Texan is located.

After seeing the vegetarian who broke his heart, Bobby Hill decides to take a 72 oz steak challenge offered by the restaurant in order to spite his ex. Bobby then triumphantly devours the entire steak in less than an hour, all to the horror of his former vegetarian admirer. You don't get more Texan than that.

A Well Done Homage

The challenge featured in the episode is an obvious homage to the 72-ounce steak offered by the Big Texas and honestly, it is done in a pretty hilarious, yet respectful fashion. There's something about Bobby Hill devouring a giant steak just to spite a vegetarian that screams Texas about it.

Although it was featured in a pretty unexpected manner it is nice to see the Big Texan and the surrounding area getting some spotlight on the silver screen.

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