Dierks Bentley is sending another powerful cut from his tenth studio album, Gravel & Gold, to country radio. His new single "Something Real" focuses in on what really matters in life and the memories made along the way.

Bentley co-wrote the song with Ross Copperman, Luke Dick, Ashley Gorley and Hardy, and the bold, energizing track serves as a plea for authentic connection. 

"I need the kinda moments that make my whole wide world stand still," Bentley pleads in the bursting chorus. "I wanna hear about a deep cut, a heartbreak / Yeah, tell me 'bout your hard timеs, your mistakes / Give me somеthing that'll burn, I can turn into something I can feel."

With gripping vocals and rich instrumentation that feels modern without leaning too far into the pop realm, Bentley finds just the right sonic balance. The 47-year-old country hitmaker has continued to lean into his versatility as an artist, replacing the lighthearted fluff of hits like "Somewhere on a Beach" with thoughtful, reflective lyricism and more acoustic, bluegrass and folk-centered instrumentation.

That gradual creative shift has paid off, spotlighting the depth of his talents while still tackling subject matter that any country fan can relate to.

"I think we are all seeking something a little deeper than what's on the surface, the things we see on social media," Bentley says. "For me, that looks like putting my phone down, getting out in nature with my family, writing songs with my friends…doing the things where I find real connection. There is always a little hesitation about putting a new song in the set, but it's sounding so good live and I appreciate the fans who already know it and are singing it back to us."

Did You Know?: "Something Real" is the second radio single off Gravel & Gold, following 2022's anthemic "Gold," which peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

Dierks Bentley's "Something Real" Lyrics:

Sometimes a crowd makes me lonely / Sometimes a shot just makes me sad / Sometimes I miss that old small town, slow down / Life I kinda wish that I still had / I can't really pour my heart out / On the FM radio / 'Cause the way I'm really feeling / Won't fill up the coliseum, on the edge of Tupelo

Yeah, I need a little backbone in my backbeat / I need a little lifelong in my front seat / I need the kinda moments that make my whole wide world stand still / I wanna hear about a deep cut, a heartbreak / Yeah, tell me 'bout your hard timеs, your mistakes / Give me somеthing that'll burn, I can turn into something I can feel / Yeah, I want somethin' real, somethin' real

I like a long drive down a backroad / Pretty girl sitting at a bar / But those roads don't go forever / Pickup lines don't always get her / And that neon just goes dark / I wanna climb up on a mountain / I want a love that feels like home / Yeah, I want a conversation / Like a sunset and a song, I can feel down in my bones

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I want something real strong / Yeah, something I can hold onto / When the red dirt settles down / And there's nothing left around / I'm just lookin' for some truth / I'm just lookin' for some truth

Repeat Chorus

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