Shelby Blackstock, who is the only child of Reba McEntire, and his wife Marissa have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now -- but they've faced some challenges along the way.

On Sunday (Nov. 26), Marissa shared a lengthy social media post detailing the fertility struggles she and her husband have encountered.

After trying through natural methods for some time, she explains, they enlisted the help of "Nashville's top OBGYN," and November marked their first medicated cycle. "Though it didn't bring the news we hoped for, I'm reminded that success is about more than just results -- it's about gratitude for our health and each other," Marissa writes.

"We've faced some scares," she continues elsewhere in the post, explaining that she's undergone an MRI for "prolactinemia-related concerns" as well as an HSG test, with results coming back clear for both. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, hysterosalpingography (HSG) is "an X-ray procedure that is used to view the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes," and can show if the fallopian tubes are blocked or if the uterus is of normal size and shape.

"The two-week wait (TWW) has been full of ups and downs," Marissa adds, referring to the two weeks between when ovulation occurs and when a pregnancy can be detected by a home pregnancy test. "I'm not looking for sympathy, but a bit of understanding goes a long way."

Although she speaks openly about the challenges and disappointments she and her husband are facing, Marissa's post also sheds light on the positive side of their journey towards parenthood. "Shelby has been an incredibly supportive partner through all of this. His strength and optimism have been my rock," she writes. "Amid the challenges, we've found that it helps immensely to have little things to look forward to."

Marissa concludes her message by explains she wants to help break the stigma and silence that often surrounds fertility issues.

"It's a tougher and more common journey than many realize," she points out. "If you're in the midst of this too, remember, you're not alone. The emotional whirlwind is completely normal. Let's keep supporting each other, finding joy in the small things, and holding onto hope."

Marissa also shared more of her experience on an Instagram Stories slide, posting a photo of a cocktail that she ordered to help ease the disappointment of a negative pregnancy test (which she refers to as a "BFN," short for "Big Fat Negative.")

"Helping myself to a spicy marg after a BFN," she writes.


Blackstock and Marissa got married in Walt Disney World in February 2022. Of course, McEntire herself was on hand to celebrate, and she even took the spotlight once or twice during the festivities. The mother and son danced to "You're Gonna Be (Always Loved By Me)," McEntire's own 2005 release, and she even sang her hit "Fancy" for guests at the reception.

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