Country stars are just like us, and every so often, they like to splurge on something really fun and maybe expensive for themselves.

For some, it could be a celebratory item to commemorate signing a record deal or getting their first No. 1 hit on the radio. For others, a big purchase could be a childhood dream coming true.

The best part about an indulgent expense? Everyone's idea of a splurge is different.

One country artist may see a luxury vehicle or a fancy watch as a splurge purchase — and there are country artists who have dropped some serious cash on those items. However, there are others who are content with using their hard-earned cash to buy a high quality camera or — get this — a lawn mower.

Keeping in line with the country lifestyle found within the lyrics of so many country songs, many artists have enjoyed buying themselves their own plot of land.

We've seen videos of singers like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch engaged in some farming activities over the years, and the number of artists who aren't afraid to get a little dirt under their fingers continues to grow.

In fact, Cody Johnson describes himself a cattle rancher first — not a country artist.

"That's what I do everyday. I'm a cowboy — a rancher — with a part-time musician job," he told Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 ACM Awards.

Because splurging means something different to everyone, we love to ask artists what their biggest splurge purchase is. Find out!

10 Country Stars Share Their Biggest Splurge Purchases

There's nothing quite like taking the plunge and finally buying the something you really want. For many country artists that comes after releasing a debut album or having a song hit No. 1 on the charts. For others, it's about fulfilling a childhood dream.

Either way, the splurge purchase is incredibly satisfying.

Keep scrolling to see what your favorite country artists have dropped big money on, be it cars, boats, property, or even a John Deere lawn mower.

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