Fake names are as much of a part of professional wrestling as boots and spandex.

WWE Superstars (they call them superstars and not wrestlers) have been using pseudonyms for their in-ring personas for several years. They are playing a role, after all.

Very few stick with their real names. Those that do, likely already have a name that sound like they would smash you with a steel chair or bodyslam you in the middle of the ring.

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We put together a list of more than 100 current and former WWE Superstars and their real identities.

See if you can guess who is using a fictitious name and who stuck with their birth name.

REVEALED: Real Names of Current and Former WWE Superstars

Step between the ropes to test your knowledge of current and former WWE superstars. Can you guess the real names of these superstars of the squared circle?

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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Stacker reveals the real names of celebrities.

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