We think we've got the simple things in life figured out and then some video pops up on our newsfeed that makes us question our sanity.

You're about to discover that some of the things that you've been doing every day for years, you've actually been doing all wrong. And some things you had no idea about now seem so obvious.

So prepare to have your mind blown and your everyday routine forever upgraded by these simple life hacks.

How to Properly Replace a Trash Bag

You've probably been opening up your bag, and doing that little shake. Then you have to shove it down in the bin and try to stretch the top along the rim. Welp, that's actually wrong. Trash bags come inside out so all you really have to do is fit the bag opening around the top of the bin and push down.

Soda Cans Have a Place for Straws

If you've been putting a straw in a soda can via the normal opening, we're about to rock your world. There's actually a different way to open the can that's perfect for straws.

Use Kool-Aid Bursts Tops as a Straw

Speaking of straws, remember those Kool-Aid Bursts drinks that you twisted the top off of? Well that top was actually a straw.

How to Properly Pour a Beer Into a Glass

More beverage hacks for you. If you pour your beer in a glass by tilting the glass to reduce foam-stop immediately. Pour it straight in and let it foam up and settle. This will also help you feel less bloated after drinking.

How to Properly Pour Soda in a Glass

Same thing with soda.

How to Know Which Side of Your Vehicle Your Gas Tank is On

Never wonder again. Just look at that little arrow next to the gas pump icon on your dash. It'll point to the side of the car it's on.


How to Easily Remove the Plastic Around Gatorade Bottles

You probably pull the bottles out individually and stretch the plastic holder. And then once you've got them all out you have to cut the plastic in pieces to save the animals. Well stop the hassle and just use the pull tab on the plastic holder......

How to Your Adjust Staple Size

Did you know your stapler actually has two different size settings? Well now you do.

Secret Built-In Dishwasher Silverware Holder

You don't have to store the tray in the bottom drawer. You can just put it in the slot on the door.

How have we been going about our lives not knowing these things!? Are there any more life hacks we missed? Don't let us go another day without knowing. Drop it in the comments!

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