Every state in the United States has its own history, its own culture, and its own geography. Something that can help mash all of those cultural aspects into one pretty mashed potato is coming up with a State Motto.

For example... the motto of California is "Eureka," which means "I have found it" in Greek, reflecting the state's history of discovery and innovation. There is also a town in California called Eureka, so they must really lean into it there.

State Mottos can also inspire and unite the citizens of the state. It can serve as a rallying cry reminding residents of what they have in common and what they stand for. The motto of New Hampshire is "Live Free or Die," which expresses the state's commitment to individual liberty and self-determination.

Overall, a state motto can serve a variety of purposes... from expressing identity to inspiring its own citizens, and also promoting the state to the rest of the world. Yee-haw.

The state motto of Texas may surprise you! It definitely did for me.

The Texas State Motto was adopted by the Texas Legislature in 1930 and is "Friendship." Some could argue it's purely a word and not a motto... but it strives to represent the state's belief in the importance of mutual goodwill and amity among all Texans.

The Texas state motto is often seen on official documents and state seals.

One of the funniest state mottos has to come from Florida. The panhandle state went with "In God We Trust... All Others Pay Cash."

Just kidding. Florida's state motto is "In God We Trust." This motto was adopted by the Florida Legislature in 2006, replacing the previous state motto, "The Rules Be Our Guide." So... kinda a copycat... but ok, Florida. The whole United States of America's Motto is also "In God We Trust."

You may have seen it on the dollar bill.

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