Okay Texas, who really even answers the phone anymore?

Marjan Grabowski via Unsplash
Marjan Grabowski via Unsplash

It's the 21st century- send a text! Okay, maybe that's just me? If the number is already saved in my phone then their contact name will show up. If I don't recognize the number- I don't answer it! Well, usually it's because I'm asleep or because I didn't get to my phone on time; but for the most part, if I don't recognize the number I won't answer it. If the call is important they can leave a message - voicemail or text!

I mean, with all the scammers out there it's okay not to answer your phone all the time... Right?

These days, it's getting a little easier to not answer when you know it's a telemarketer or spam; some phones will even tell you that the call is "suspected spam" so you won't bother answering them; didn't we all put our numbers on lists to stop getting telemarketing calls?!

Well, the calls still come in; and these days, scammers are getting smarter. Recently, in El Paso, we had to be warned of a scam because the number was actually coming from a 915 number- which is our area code, so people would blindly assure us that the call was okay.

But now, I know that a lot of us are getting calls from area codes that are unknown and that our phone won't alert us if it's "suspected spam". According to a recent article on socialcatfish.com, there are five area codes in particular that you should know to never answer.

In all actuality, there are even more area codes you should look out for, which you can check out here. But, for the most part- these five are the ones you should really be aware of! As for what to do when these number pop up, the FCC says simply don't answer! Also, take some steps with your phone provider to see if you can block international calls like these and always be cautious.

Here are those five area codes and why they say you should never answer them:

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 Everyone has gotten a suspicious call at least once, and According to a recent article on socialcatfish.com, you really need to watch out for these five area codes in particular. And whatever you do, don't answer!

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EDIT: This was originally published October 7, 2023. 

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