Twenty-four years ago, Garth Brooks pivoted at the height of his fame to do something ... uh, let's call it "unexpected." Instead of forging ahead in his unbridled country music success, he decided to create new music under the name of a fictitious rockstar, the brooding, soul patch-sporting Australian named Chris Gaines.

If you've heard of Brooks' Chris Gaines project, you likely recall it as a flop. If you're less familiar with the album (and the movie that never happened), that's because it's generally deemed a flop and has been largely relegated to the joke pile, a strange blip within Brooks' otherwise wildly successful career.

Two decades later, though, we're taking a look back at the whole Chris Gaines thing -- and, you know what, there's actually quite a bit to love about it ... er, him ... er, Brooks' experiment? Here are five reasons we (still) love Chris Gaines:

WATCH: What Ever Happened to That Chris Gaines Movie Anyway?

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