Jake Owen is putting his comedic talents to use once again, teaming up with Ryan Hurd and video production team That's Classic Media for a ridiculously funny video for a goofy song "Seafoam Green." Click play above to watch the clip, and see Owen rock a onesie and get splattered with paint.

Whether he's wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, dreaming of a Hanukkah album or rapping about mini-golf, Owen is down to be a goofball. The singer's latest foray explores a color that is often misrepresented but loved by Owen, Hurd and That's Classic Media teammates Austin Bever and Colin Cooper: seafoam green. In "Seafoam Green," the four pay homage to their favorite color with hilarious lyrics, robotic riffs, dubstep beats and, of course, all things seafoam green.

"No matter where I go / No matter where I'm seen / I can guarantee I'm always rockin' seafoam green," rap-sings Owen in the song's first verse. "I got a VW van, that thing is seafoam green / I got a iPhone case, that thing is seafoam green / I got brand-new J's I'm rocking on my feet / What color they is, man, they seafoam green!"

Throughout the "Seafoam Green" video, Owen, Hurd, Bever and Cooper trade lyrics while dancing around in seafoam green sweatpants, rocking seafoam green sneakers and atop Owen's seafoam green VW van (the one from the cover of his American Love album). If that's not enough, Chase Rice makes a cameo near the end of the clip ... just to splatter buckets of seafoam green paint on Owen!

Although "Seafoam Green" didn't make the cut for Owen's most recent album, American Love, that offering includes a few hit songs of its own. "American Country Love Song," the project's first single, was released in March of 2016; Owen's current single is "If He Ain't Gonna Love You."

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