Jake Owen frequently posts photos and videos of his 4-year-old daughter, Pearl, on social media, and recently the singer shared some inspired lyrics to a poignant song called "Single Dad."

The vulnerable words have the singer reflecting on the difficulties that life as a single father can often bring. Posted via Instagram stories on Aug. 30, Owen writes of sitting in a Kroger parking lot waiting for Pearl's mother to drop her off while the rain is pouring down. The vivid imagery has Owen seated in his truck with "Gummy Bears in my shotgun seat / Pair of pink flip flops on her pretty bare feet."

Jake Owen Instagram
Jake Owen's Instagram

Then, he gets more serious.

"Wanted to be a father / Wanted you so bad / Bringing home a daughter is the best day I've ever had / Never knew a love could hurt so deep / When love's a promise you can't keep / I'm caught between the happy and the sad / That's life of a single dad," he writes.

The verses continue to share the joys and sadness of living apart from your child. "She don't care bout what we do / We'll built a fort in the living room," he shares of the happier times before: "It's a goodbye airport photograph / Counting down the days til I get her back / Dreaming of the music of her laugh / That's life of a single Dad."

Owen and his ex-wife Lacey welcomed Pearl on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. The couple divorced in 2015, and Owen has previously admitted that being a single dad can be challenging. The heartfelt lyrics within "Single Dad" showcase this ongoing struggle.

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