Jason Aldean tells the story of a failed relationship in his new "Blame It on You" music video.

Directed by Shaun Silva, Aldean's new clip uses flashbacks to share the journey of a young couple from new love to their end at the hands of a jealous individual. The action takes place in the 1940s, though shots of Aldean performing in the present day are interspersed.

"I could blame it on the whiskey / I wouldn't blame you if you didn't even miss me / Gave you a million reasons, girl, not to be with me / Should've never let you go / Should've never watched you go," Aldean sings in the chorus. "I could blame it on a good high / Let it take the blame for why you told me goodbye / Instead of missin' you and missin' all those good times ... I could say I never knew / I could drink around the truth / But I can't blame it on you ..."

"Blame It on You" follows "Got What I Got" as a single from Aldean's ninth studio album, 9, released in late 2019. The record is his sixth-straight country chart-topping project.

With his latest single, his third from 9, the country superstar is gunning for his 25th career No. 1 song. "Blame It on You" was written by Michael Tyler, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, John Edwards and Brian Gene White; Allison and Kennedy are members of Aldean's touring band.

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