Jason Aldean's son, Memphis, may be barely 2 years old (he hit that milestone on 12/1), but he's already shaping up to be a future ladies' man. Based on a video his mom, Brittany, shared to Instagram, the little guy is honing his flirting skills...or at least trying his hand at them, anyway!

In the clip, after matter-of-factly answering his mother's question about what he is up to ("Playing on the beach"), Memphis' face suddenly lights up and he exclaims, "Girls!"

Apparently some of the fairer sex happened to be walking by and caught the young man's eye. Memphis made sure to grab their attention in return. "Hi, girls!" he cries out, giving them an adorable wave. Hey, nobody can say Memphis' moves are subtle, but they sure are cute.

"I'm in so much trouble," laments Brittany, jokingly, with a laugh.

It's probably not a surprise Memphis is so comfortable with the ladies, as he's the only son in the family, with three sisters to keep him company (teenagers Keeley and Kendyl, as well as baby sis Navy, who will turn 1 in February).

Aldean is set to embark on his We Back Tour in 2020, beginning in Columbia, S.C., on Jan. 30. The tour wraps on March 14 in Saint Paul, Minn. Tickets are available for all of his upcoming shows.

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