Saturday nights around Jason Aldean's household are not exactly ragers these days, what with two young kids in the house, but there is a little action nevertheless! Wife Brittany posted a hilarious video to Instagram showing the results of experimenting with son Memphis' hair before bedtime.

Her post initially shows the two babies lying in bed quietly, apparently watching something on TV. Memphis has his hair in a high ponytail. Cute, right? Well, as Brittany notes, "swipe to see what mems thinks" of the 'do.

The next video shows Memphis staring into a mirror, and he is not having this pony on the top of his head. "Noooo!" he howls, stamping his feet and pulling at his hair. "Memphis don't like it!" Whether the style was too girly or just not to his taste is unclear, but the video is certainly amusing.

Memphis isn't totally averse to having his hair played around with, however. In July, Aldean gave him a shampoo faux-hawk during bath time that the little boy did not appear to object to, based on his hamming for the camera. However, at least for the time being, it seems his parents might want to reserve ponytail experiments for little sister Navy.

Aldean doubtlessly must enjoy these videos of his kids during his frequent stints out on the road. The singer recently announced his We Back Tour, in support of his forthcoming new album 9, which will launch on Jan. 30.

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