It’s been a week of smiles for Joey + Rory’s Joey Martin Feek. On Monday she learned of her Grammy nomination. On Tuesday fans learned she’s made it a goal to live through the Grammys and her daughter’s birthday on Feb. 17. On Friday she enjoyed some motherly teaching time with Indiana.

A photo at the Joey + Rory Facebook page shows Joey sitting cross-legged in front of her smiling 1-year-old. The singer is smiling up at the camera as Indiana keeps her eyes locked on her mother. The caption and the picture of a tiger indicate that she’s enjoying a teaching moment, perhaps teaching her the names of animals.

The last several months have brought a mix of happy and sad, all captured and recounted at Rory Feek’s This Life I Live blog. Rory (Joey’s husband and singing partner) has provided a candid, beautiful look into his wife’s treatment for cancer. Since October they’ve been resting at home or at her mother’s home, as she ceased medical intervention when doctors told her that her cancer had advanced to a terminal stage.

Since early November Joey Feek has been in home hospice, but the couple have not given any indication as to how long she’s expected to live, other than to say they’re still hopeful for the best possible outcome. They’ve indicated that her hope of reaching mid-February is a lofty, but not impossible goal. Fans, friends, family and idle readers of the This Life I Live blog have been offering kind words and prayer since news of her cancer broke in 2014.

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