The group Hawthorne Heights, who are known distinctly for their emo/rock vibe, are unexpectedly country fans! The band released a two-song project' on Monday (Jul. 15), which showed off covers of  Kacey Musgraves' “Butterflies” and “8” by pop star Billie Eilish.

Musgraves gave her hearty approval of the project, titled Dads of Sad, by posting to social media how moved she was by their rendition....which apparently moved her to tears.

For those wondering how such a cover idea even found its way to the light of day, Hawthorne Heights frontman JT Woodruff explained to Billboard: "We tweeted at Kacey, just wondering if she had ever listened to us back in the day. And she tweeted some of our lyrics back to us. We thought it was pretty bad ass that musicians in different genres are still connected."

He noted further that a similar situation happened with Eilish. "Both of these are very talented artists, who represent the most current side of pop music.  Both sound nothing like what we are used to writing. We thought it was a great exercise in trying to make their happy pop songs sound like sad Emo songs.”

Musgraves has a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Kacey Musgraves: All of the Colors, which showcases a vast array of items significant to her career, including the Album of the Year trophy she won at the 2019 Grammy Awards for Golden Hour. It runs through June 2020.


See Pictures of Kacey Musgraves' Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit:


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