On Saturday (May 12,) country icon Kacey Musgraves was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, alongside the evening's host, Amy Schumer. While live viewers saw Musgraves' performances of "High Horse" and "Slow Burn," both off of her most recent album, Golden Hour, what they didn't see was the hilariously bizarre, pre-taped "Spirituality Rap" skit that features Musgraves as a choir girl.

Starring SNL cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney, the skit is a spoof rap music  video airing on MTV Hungary. Bennett's character, a hip hop artist named Stav D, strolls through the aisles of a church, rapping about an angel (played by Amy Schumer) who visited him at his bedroom window the night before.His sidekick, MC Strategy (Mooney), punctuates Stav D's lines with the occasional interjection and grooves to the beat of the music.

Musgraves appears about a minute into the video, singing an angelic Latin refrain from the choir loft. Dressed in an all-black, Victorian-style getup, Musgraves showcases her range -- and ability to keep a straight face -- during the performance.

Between her disco-fueled performance of "High Horse," the more acoustic "Slow Burn" and the wacky foreign-language delivery of her "Spirituality Rap" refrain, Musgraves covered quite a bit of ground during her weekend performance on the show. The country star will continue to expand her boundaries over the course of 2018: She plans to hit the road for her overseas Oh What a World Tour this fall, in addition to a handle of dates in the U.S. Among those dates are a series of shows with former One Direction member Harry Styles.

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