Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson recently announced that planning a wedding was so stressful, she decided to just elope.  I've actually know many people who would rather elope.  So, is a wedding really that big of a deal?

Over the years, it seems that weddings have become bigger than the actual marriage. People spend thousands and sometimes millions on what turns out to be a big party.  So why is having a wedding so important?

If you truly love someone does it matter how many people are there to witness something that is suppose to be between two people?  To many yes.  But to others like Kelly Clarkson, it doesn't.  They love each other and keeping it simple works for them.

She said between busy schedules, leaking of details, soccer games and everything else, it just got a little overwhelming.  So her and her fiance decided that it'd be them and the kids.  Small, sweet, and simple.  All the important people will be there so what's the big deal?

It seems like there is two extremes: Elope or Extravagant.  So what do you think?  Take our poll.

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