Kid Rock is never one to remain quiet, even in a controversial situation. And, true to form, the singer is coming forth with an opinion on his former publicist, Kirt Webster, who is in the middle of a swirl of sexual harassment allegations.

According to the Detroit News, the Michigan native minced no words regarding Webster. “I hope to god this [expletive] he is being accused of is not true as he has been nothing but a good friend to me,” he wrote in an email to Bob Lefsetz, whose popular Lefsetz Letter newsletter is read by many entertainment industry professionals. “But if it comes to light that it is, I will be the first to cut the head off the snake.”

Rock says he takes all allegations of sexual assault "dead seriously," adding “I never witnessed or heard about any of this outside that [Webster] was probably gay, which I could care less about. We [BMG] canceled his and his companies (sic) services upon not only hearing about these, but other rumors that are starting to swirl.

“Unfortunately, I believe sexual harassment is like cancer,” he concluded. “We all know someone affected by it and it has to stop.”

Accusations against Webster came to light on Oct. 27, when Austin Rick spoke out on Facebook after nearly a decade of silence. Rick has since done several interviews, including a revealing Q&A with Taste of Country.

Kid Rock was one of many artists who left the roster shortly following the allegations, along with Kenny Rogers, Justin Moore, Olivia Lane, the Oak Ridge Boys, Randy Travis, William Michael Morgan, Aaron Lewis, Kenny G, Big & Rich, and Bill Anderson.

Another of Webster's prestige clients, Dolly Parton, tweeted praise for the exec's work and also noted she hoped the allegations were not true. Parton also has left the firm's roster.

Numerous calls and emails to Webster PR and Kirt Webster have not been answered. Webster has denied any wrongdoing.


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