Kid Rock left one revealing clue that his new Kid Rock for Senate website isn't a precursor to an actual run for U.S. Senate.

The Michigan born-and-raised rap-rock, sometimes country singer was sneaky on Twitter. He confirmed that his campaign website is for real, but never went as far as to actually say that yes, he's running for Senate. That was enough to bait Fox News (plus several other entertainment sites, like Entertainment Weekly), who went all-in with a Kid Rock Confirms Michigan Senate Run headline.

Several other major outlets followed, but more news-oriented sites like Reuters hedged, saying only 'Kid Rock Hints ...' at a Senate run, further noting that his official representatives were only willing to point the curious back to the original social media postings.

We're going to call this one false — he's not running. The only working elements on his new website are an email sign-up form and a link to buy Kid Rock for Senate merchandise. That link goes to Warner Brothers Records' (his record label) online store, which is like if Donald Trump had used NBC's resources to sell his campaign merchandise in 2015 and 2016. Labels aren't going to play politics, be it directly or indirectly. This endeavor would need to be 100 percent separate from his music career to be real, which clearly it is not.

He'd also need to submit certain filings, which EW points out he has not done yet. So we're call shenanigans on Robert James Ritchie Jr. As for that big announcement? He's probably just got a new record coming.

Or maybe he's just testing the waters for a 2020 presidential run?

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