Country rocker Kid Rock is throwing his weight behind President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign. The singer is scheduled to perform at a Michigan rally on Monday night (Sept. 14), where he'll appear alongside Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Fox TV news personality and Trump advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The second campaign event taking place in Michigan this week, Monday night's rally will take place at Bumpers Landing Boat Club in Harrison Township at 7PM local time, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Rock, a Michigan native, is no stranger to politics; in fact, he announced a fake run for Senate in 2017, later walking back on the whole thing by stating that it was a joke. However, he's long been vocal about his support of the Republican party, and especially Trump's presidency: He visited Trump in the White House in 2017 alongside rocker Ted Nugent, and he and the president have even golfed together.

The singer has also been known to publicly call out fellow artists who don't agree with his political views. In mid-2019, he lambasted Taylor Swift for her support of Democrats, even making a crude joke about her real motivations for taking a political stand on Twitter.

Rock celebrated Trump's 2016 win by offering a special line of apparel on his website. One of the items was a T-shirt displaying the electoral map, referring to all the states that voted for Trump as "the United States of America" and the states that voted for Hillary Clinton as "Dumbf--kistan."

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