Think back to a time where you could walk through your neighborhood of white picket fences and come across little Sally selling lemonade at the stand in front of her house. For $0.25, you could enjoy a nice cool drink, while supporting Sally's goal for a new doll house, or a kite, or a new bike. Ah, how simple times were.

Fast forward to 2020, and kids are now little entrepreneurs. These lemonade stands are much bigger and the money raised from them are going to much bigger plans; a savings account, college fund - you name it. These kids are rock stars now.

However, a big wrench was thrown into the plans for this year's lemonade stands. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are social distancing strategies in the works, and most parents are just not wanting their children around strangers during this time. So, boom. There goes their summer funding. That is until Country Time Lemonade stepped in.

The lemonade brand is bailing out the littlest business owners with "stimulus bailouts".

"We know this will be a rough summer for lemonade stands. And if the big guys are getting bailed out, why shouldn't we help the littlest entrepreneurs get the same treatment?" the company said on its website.

The company is planning on sending $100 prepaid cards to kids that can't run their lemonade stands this year. To apply, children under 14 can write an essay about how they would spend the money and submit a photo of the lemonade stand sign they would have used. Easy right?

There's not much time to waste. The company will stop accepting applications August 12, 2020.

Get your little one working on their essay, and submit it here:

When life gives you lemons, the community may just come together to help you still make that lemonade.

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