Jimmy Fallon might sound a bit like Pee Wee Herman when he screams out Jack Bauer's '24' catchphrase on his 'Tonight Show,' but that doesn't detract from the power of star Kiefer Sutherland's signature yelled expletive. The '24: Live Another Day' star took to the late night chat show last night to talk all things dramatic and ticky-clocked, and Fallon couldn't help but inquire as to how the actor came to create the oft-used single word phrase (one that appears to pop up thousands of times on the series).

The story itself is not really that compelling -- who knew Kiefer Sutherland was so practical? -- but that doesn't mean that the line isn't still amusing after all these years. Really, it's how serious Sutherland takes it that makes it, even with Fallon squeaking out his own version next to him.

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