Kip Moore is known for his unflinching honesty, even when asked tough questions. During his Last Question interview, we asked the "More Girls Like You" singer if he's ever been in a cop car.

He could have skipped the question, but he didn't. Moore admits he's been behind the plate glass window not once, but twice! It's not something he's eager to talk about — how do you squeeze a quick convo about someone's brushes with the law between "Favorite TV show?" and "Boots or flip-flops?"

An admission that bathroom selfies are Moore's biggest peeve may not come as a shock to his fans, but that the fit and trim country singer is helpless in front of a bag of Reese's is a charming surprise. Did you know that the avid surfer is afraid of sharks? We didn't either!

Moore's third studio album Slowheart is a mix of serious and light-hearted reflections on love and life. The new album drops on Sept. 8 and features the single "More Girls Like You" plus a song that takes aim at those who doubted him ("The Bull"), his most personal song to date ("Guitar Man") and a playful jab at the life he's living ("I've Been Around").

Ania Hammar is the host of Last Question, ToC’s feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask.

Kip's Not the Only Who Who's Been in a Cop Car!

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