After weeks of tragic shootings throughout America, Kip Moore urges fans to "be the change" in a heartfelt video shared this week.

In the 40-second clip, young children of different skin colors are seen playing together at a park and hugging each other while Moore plays basketball with friends Damien Horne of the Farm and Sam Hunt's guitarist Tyrone Carreker.

As a young white girl hugs a young black boy and says "nice to meet you" after their game of tag, the cameras cut to Moore.

“It’s a beautiful thing how when kids are born, they don’t see color. They don’t feel hate,” Moore says. “It’s a really sad thing that we teach 'em how to do both.”

The cameras then show the hashtag #bethechange. In a lengthy message on Facebook captioned Be the Change, Moore explains that when he grew up he was taught to "love, plain and simple."

"I had a mom and dad who would've kicked my ass if I used a derogatory term to describe another person of color. As I got older, I looked around realizing what a rare thing that was," he writes. "I grew up in south GA where there was a lot of oppression and stereotypes. Don't get me wrong..there were a lot of good people but that's just the truth. There was hate from both sides. People were raised to dislike me for the color of my skin and some of the white kids were taught to dislike others for the color of their skin."

Moore says that this is a "poisonous cycle" that may never end, but he prays that it does, adding:

Loving each other and taking care of one another seems like such a simple task yet has never seemed so out of reach. I'm well aware that "some" officers over the years have abused their authority and caused an extreme strain of trust among certain communities BUT I also believe that the majority of our officers (my brother included) want to protect all races and fight for what's right everyday. I know his heart and i know he's not the only one. The media will always pit us against each other. They know race will always drive ratings. It's all about the Benjamin's people. There are many peaceful protests happening all over, but that's not what you're gonna see. You'll only see the shooting over and over. You won't see the black cop changing the old white ladies tire on the side of the road (saw this yesterday)...or the white cop laughing with the black man he pulled over (saw this 2 weeks ago) won't see me and my good buddies Damien and Ty from this video sitting on a bench laughing together. I love these guys but hey.. That's not a story. I hope we can all look at ourselves in the mirror and end this vicious cycle. I pray we teach our kids to simply love and let the hate die with those holding onto it ‪#‎BeTheChange‬

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