Meteorologists are buzzing for the first of two "supermoons" on the 2021 calendar. The first appearance will happen this evening, and the next supermoon will appear even closer to Earth when it rises in the night sky near the end of May.

What is a Super Moon?

A Super Moon according to the Old Farmer's Almanac is a moon that appears larger than normal due to the fact it is passing closer to the Earth than at other times during the year. This minimal distance between the Earth and the Moon is called Perigee. Tonight's Super Moon will only be about 222,211 miles from the Earth as it moves around the night sky. The first Super Moon in April is usually called a "Pink Moon" as it is usually occurring about the same time as the Spring Bloom despite that the moon does not actually change color.

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When is the best time to see tonight's Super Moon?

While skies over Texas will remain cloudy to partly cloudy, you might still get a look at a moon that will appear 13% larger than normal and seem about 30% brighter than normal. The sun will set this evening in South Texas shortly before 8 p.m., and meteorologists like the ones at Houston's KHOU say around 10:30 p.m. this evening will be the best chance to see these effects.

When will the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Occur?

The full moon at the end of May will appear about 100 miles closer to the Earth than the moon that will appear this evening. Some areas of the Earth will be able to witness a total lunar eclipse at the end of May when a reddish hue may be noticeable around the moon giving it the nickname of "Blood Moon". In North America, this total eclipse will really only be visible in areas of the Western United States.

If you happen to get a good view of the supermoon during a break in the cloud cover we would love to see you drop a photo under this article on our social media pages so we can see what you see. Comfortable lows near 70 degrees will make for a nice night to try to see the supermoon, let's just hope the clouds take a break so we can appreciate the view.

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