The phrase "supply chain" has become ingrained in our daily lives. Most of us rarely, if ever, thought about the supply chain before. Now, its the reason why you have a hard time finding your favorite things on store shelves.

It's also why Canyon ISD is still waiting on buses that they ordered a year ago.

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Some Trips May Need To Be Canceled

In a recent update published on social media, Canyon ISD explained why some student groups may not have the means to travel for after hours activities. Basically, they're waiting on buses.

These are buses that were ordered a year ago, and that still haven't shown up.

It's unfortunate. For now, the district is examining scheduled trips and making decisions on a case by case basis.

On the social media post, the comments are full of people who are upset that the band students might not be able to make it to games. It is shame, especially for the seniors who are having to sacrifice part of the season due to circumstances beyond their control.

What Solutions, If Any, Can Provide Temporary Relief?

In the comments of the post made by CISD, there are several parents who offered to help load up kids and take them to their events. Others suggest asking neighboring school districts for help.

One even suggested chartering a bus.

It will be interesting to see what the district does, and if any temporary solution beyond canceling trips is found. I'm hoping they figure something out.

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