At the end of every year, the editorial board of The Dallas Morning News gets together and hand picks a person or persons to receive the "Texan of the Year award".

There so many reasons that former First Lady Laura Bush deserves to win this and many other awards.  She is known for improving living conditions and education of children around the world, her efforts to improve health care and human rights and so much more. She is beloved by people on both sides of the aisle. In 2008 Michelle Obama shared that Laura Bush was her friend and role model.

We can all agree there are a lot of reasons why she deserves this award right? Right. Well, it may surprise you to find out that she is receiving the "Texan of the Year" award in a large part to an article she wrote earlier this ear disagreeing with the Trump Administration.

The former First lady told the editorial board she saw "it as a time when her voice could make a difference." In the editorial, she called the Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy "cruel" and "immoral." It was said by the Dallas Morning News that Laura Bush told them she had also considered calling the Homeland Security secretary.

To read more about her editorial and the Texas of the Year award click here.

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