Heavy production stamps Leah Turner's debut single 'Take the Keys.' The love story is thick with effects and vocal reverb, but really, the time has never been more right for this type of song.

There's nothing subtle about Turner's performance or the arrangement it's wrapped in. From the first notes, it's an in-your-face track about leaving the stresses of life behind. "There's a getaway car in the driveway parked / Let's hit the road and let the engine spark," she sings before a thundering pop-country chorus.

The instrumentation and lyrics work together to sell the spirit of this open road love anthem. "County lines in the rear-view fade / Changin' lades, new memories made / Pedal down and the tank is full / Getting high on life and low on troubles," the California native sings during verse number two. Her deep, powerful voice distinguishes her from other female country singers.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Take the Keys' feels like a California country song. It's a style that's a unique fusion of L.A. and Nashville, something that truly sounds fresh compared to what's on the radio today.

Key Lyrics: "We'll be singing out loud to the Rolling Stones / Making up the lines that we don't know / I'll ride shotgun, baby, take the lead / So my hold my hand and let the Goodyears roll / In the green light of the stereo / Pretend it's a Mustang, you can be my Steve McQueen / So go on and take the keys"

Did You Know?: Turner is a unique mix of mud and makeup. She was raised on the rodeo circuit and spent more than her fair share of time tending to horses and chickens, but she also confesses to being a shopaholic who loves to spend money on new clothes. "It is like if I like it, I want it!" she told Taste of Country.

Listen to Leah Turner, 'Take the Keys'

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