The friend-love story between Lindsay Ell and Bobby Bones doesn't appear to be over.

Though the two officially ended their relationship in 2017 after a year of dating, they have remained supportive of each other, and on Monday night (Jan. 13), Bones even invited Ell to perform at his Million Dollar Show in Nashville.

The show, an annual fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital, hosted a variety of country stars ranging from Ell to Sam Hunt to Brooks & Dunn, who performed in front of a sell-out crowd.

Ell was a surprise guest at the event this year and in 2019, but this year's performance was a little more awkward than usual, since the title of Ell's new single is "I Don't Love You."

Lindsay Ell Is Afraid to Release Her Song About Bobby Bones 

Considering their history, Ell singing a song called "I Don't Love You" at the Bones-hosted event — while Bones is onstage — seems like a dagger, but the two hugged it out after the song ended. Bones also riffed on the mic to float over the semi-awkward moment.

At one point, one fan in the crowd yelled "We love you, Bobby!," while another yelled, "You messed up, Bobby!," to which Bones sarcastically replied, "Gettin' the sympathy vote out there, I appreciate that" to even more crowd laughter.

Though Ell didn't write "I Don't Love You" about Bones (the song was actually written by Adam Hambrick, Melissa Fuller and Neil Medley), her song "Get Over You," which will appear on her forthcoming record, is about her relationship with the radio personality.

“I just hope that especially he knows that sometimes we just have days where we wake up and it’s like you’re angry at something," Ell tells Taste of Country. "In that moment I wrote this song, and it’s not even that bad. I’m just super sensitive to stuff like that. But in this moment I wrote this song and it just depicts the feeling of like a day. It’s not necessarily how I feel the other 670-whatever days (since the breakup). That’s like one day in like the course of the journey."

Time will tell where their journey ends up, but at that moment, they appear to be at least in the friend zone.

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