How well do you know the members of Little Big Town? The country quartet tested their knowledge of each other on Monday night (Nov. 14) during an edition of 'Stranger Strings' while visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The game is simple: once a question is asked, the players then spray silly string on who they think each fact is about. Surprisingly, the band don't know each other as well as one would think.

During the segment, Fallon and Little Big Town took turns reading unknown facts about each other. Fallon read off the first statement: "I won a statewide modeling contest when I was 18."

Everyone seated at the table was certain the fact was about Kimberly Schlapman, so she was doused with a large amount of silly string. But guess what? Those spraying the singer were very wrong, as it was actually Jimi Westbrook who was a model.

The next statement was even more revealing: "I once ditched the cops by driving down a dirt road with my mom in the car."

Phillip Sweet seemed to be everyone's guess, but once again, the band themselves as well as Fallon were in for quite a surprise. Karen Fairchild revealed that she was in fact the member who ran from the cops in college with her mom in the car. Watch the video above for her explanation and more of the fun on Fallon.

Little Big Town also performed their new single "Better Man," which was written by Taylor Swift.

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