The following post contains SPOILERS for the finale of Loki.

Compared to Episode 5 of Loki — which was basically set in a graveyard of all the weirdest stuff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe jammed with wall to wall Easter Eggs — the season finale was relatively restrained. It’s mostly set in a couple of rooms, where several characters engage in a series of very long conversations. A lot of heady concepts involving time travel, multiple dimensions, the future of the MCU were getting thrown around, so they wanted the viewers focused on that, and not, like, looking in the background for a helicopter that Thanos once owned.

Still, the architect of the Time Variance Authority is a character with deep Marvel roots, and with him came a fair amount of Marvel Easter eggs and references. We’ve collected all of our favorites below. If you missed any of Loki, the entire six-episode season is now streaming on Disney+. Marvel’s next Disney+ series is the animated anthology What If...? It premieres on August 11.

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Loki: Episode 6 Easter Eggs

The coolest Marvel Easter eggs from the final episode of Marvel’s Loki.


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