So you've become a teenager huh? Going to movies, eating out with friends, etc. They all cost money, but mom & dad won't hook it up anymore huh?

Time to find a job...but you're not 16 and can't get one. Well, I'm here to tell you about a few things you CAN do to make some scratch.

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Man cutting grass in his yard with lawn mower.


Sure, there's a LOT of lawn care services out there without a doubt. Can they offer up their services at YOUR prices though? See, professional lawn care services have to be able to pay employees, maintenance on equipment, etc. You however don't really have to worry about any of that...and you can offer up your services for half of what they can. Grab your lawnmower and trimmer, look for some long grass and knock on that door! I'll tell you this, I'd be more willing to pay you $25 to take care of it for me than paying a service $50. Do just 4 lawns per day, and you've got yourself a cool $100. Not too shabby.

8. “The Babysitter Murders”
Anchor Bay


I used to do this as a teen for some money, and now that I'm a parent, I'm the one paying the babysitter. You can make an easy $10-15 an hour watching someone's kids, and it's usually at night. Why is that important? Well most of the time, you only have to really watch and entertain them for a couple hours, then hang out on the couch and watch some TV for the last couple of hours. Sure, you need to handle something if the kids wake up but seems like an easy $60-75 to me. Trust me, parents like to get out and away from the kids. I'm living proof.



School is officially back in session, and that means kids are going to need help in some subjects. Do you have a pretty darn good understanding of say, Spanish? Well there you go! Tutors can make anywhere from $15-20 an hour to help other students get a handle on things, and it's typically a recurring thing which means repeat customers. Take an hour out of each day and you could find yourself with $100 on Friday to go hang with your friends.

Pay your Employees


It's amazing how many people will pay you to come over, put their dog on a leash and take them out for a 20-30 minute walk each day. We love our pets, but sometimes we just don't have the time to get them the exercise they need. This is where you come in. Most people will pay you $10-15 per walk which is pretty solid money for 20-30 mins worth of "work". Best parts of this? You're getting your exercise in as well, and you can typically walk multiple dogs at a time which can triple your pay pretty quickly.



Are you an artsy kind of person? Do you find yourself creating crafts and various other things for fun? Well how about you start to make a little cash by posting some of that stuff on Etsy? You could even take special orders from people looking for something specific. People will pay VERY good money for some of these various crafts. Why not turn a hobby into some good cash? Even the most basic craft that takes you 30-45 minutes to do could net you a quick $25. Sure, there's a little overhead for supplies, but if you build that into the price, everything you do will be a quick profit.

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