Some of us are old school at heart, which also means that some of us still listen to the radio in the the traditional manner.....We've got our antennas and stereos cranked up.

If you can put aside the concept of digital radio and get your hands on a classic analog stereo, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it. Careful, you just might get hooked!

But keep in mind that although they can be a great alternative to paying for satellite radio and streaming services, there is one challenge that can get in the way: static.

It is common for people to say "never mind that!" and try another radio station, not even thinking that they could improve the signal with just a few extra movements.

That's where I come in! Here's a few tricks for you to keep up your sleeve for the next time you run into radio silence (I couldn't resist....). And even better: they're easy. Dare I say, even easier than turning an electronic off and on? Quite possibly....

How do I improve the signal of my favorite radio station?

And the answer to this million dollar question is...


Yes. The key to a good signal is the always the antenna.

The best way to improve your reception is to install an external antenna. These provide way better reception that cheap built-in ones. You often see built-in antennas in pocketsize radios, clock radios, and even most tabletop radios. Remember this the next time you purchase a new receiver.

All you have to do is the look in the back of the radio. If you do not see a black wire antenna attached then the antenna is external. Another "hint" would be the manual mentioning that the antenna comes as an accessory.

Simply install the antenna, move it around a bit and Voila!  A better signal.

What type of radios have the external antenna option?

Here are some I recommend:

  • Sangean (My favorite brand)
  • LG Stereos
  • Crosley
  • Some Phillips Stereo Systems
  • Oknyo

You can also look into other antenna brands if the external antenna that came with your radio does not work satisfactorily. One brand that I highly recommend are the Terk Passive Antennas. They look very nice and they really help. You can take a look at them at Amazon. Remember you can only install a Terk Antenna if there is an outlet for it.

Check for FM Mode

Another trick for a better signal is to see if an FM Mode feature is available. In some cases turning off the FM Stereo feature is all you need to do. You will surprisingly see this feature on some cheap radios.

If you have a radio with a built in antenna move the radio around to see if it will help with anything. The best place to put it would be facing a window

What type of radios/antennas should I avoid?

STORE BRANDS! Unfortunately, they tend to break down quickly. There is no substitution in this case.

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