Luke Bryan may have a busy schedule throughout the year, but his calendar certainly isn't too full to celebrate Christmas with his family -- and teach his children the true meaning of the holiday.

"[I enjoy] watching them grow older and starting to understand Christmas and understand the excitement of Christmas," Bryan told GAC in 2014. "It’s just fun watching them tear into toys and sitting on Santa Claus’ lap at the mall, watching them pick what they want Santa Claus to bring. And, honestly, teaching them what the real reason for Christmas is and the reason for the season.

"It’s just great having them around," Bryan adds, "and certainly, Christmas isn't anything without kids.”

While some children grow up eating lasagna every Christmas Eve, and others devour takeout Chinese food, the Bryan household has a different sort of dinner the night before Christmas.

"Our main Christmas tradition is … chili dogs on Christmas Eve,” he says. “And then wake up and just open presents with all the kids.”

Presents are one of the most fun parts of Christmas, and the "Knockin' Boots" hitmaker admits his favorite Christmas gift came in 1984.

“My favorite Christmas gift is definitely my first Honda 50 motorcycle that I got," Bryan shares. "It was just an amazing gift to have under the tree, and I never will forget seeing that as I walked out.”

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