Undergarments and roses? Sure — par for the course. But iPhones? That’s another story. Luke Bryan was performing in Virginia Beach recently when suddenly he was dodging iPhones being hurled at his person.

He was in between songs, apparently reading some messages on a fan’s phone out loud to the rest of the crowd, when others fans got jealous and felt that throwing their own phones at the singer would be the best way to get him to use theirs, too.

Spoiler alert: it backfired.

“There goes another damn phone,” he said as one flew by. “How much damn money are y’all making around here that are throwing iPhones up here?”

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A stagehand came on and picked up the phones, taking them off stage, and there’s a good chance those fans lost their phones that night. Bryan spent some time talking to someone on the fan’s phone before handing it back to the owner, but not without being a little unnerved from the pelting.

“They are weapons, you a--holes,” he joked before launching into “Play it Again” off his record Crash My Party. Bryan only sang the first line before the crowd jumped in, covering the melody until he sat at the piano and joined back in.

Thankfully, Bryan endured the barrage without injury.

Bryan recently participated in the Hand in Hand Hurricane Harvey relief fundraising show and also invited Houston area first responders to his upcoming show Sept. 22 in the city, turning it into a benefit for the Houston Community Fund. He’s winding down his Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day tour before beginning his annual Farm Tour.

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