Don't text if you're in the front row at a Luke Bryan concert, because he might take your phone. He might even read your text messages, like he did to one probably embarrassed fan at a recent show.

Another fan captured the hilarious moment on video. Bryan, needing to Google the lyrics to one of his songs, reached out for a fan's phone, as she was standing near the stage. Forgetting the task at hand, he announced, "I'm going all the way to the text messages."

When a new message pops up —"Do you want a drink?" — a devilish grin spreads across the superstar's face. "Chill your broke ass out," he texts back.

Bryan was loving the interaction, telling the crowd that he wanted to wait for a response back. When they did, it was all emojis. "Oh, he cool, he cool, we good," the singer says. "Hold on let me get back to Safari. Can I go through your photos too? No, I'm just playin'!"

Watch the comical moment in the video above.

The country star is currently on his Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour, which kicked off in May at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. At a recent tour stop in Georgia, Bryan debuted a brand new song for fans in a VIP pre-concert event. Before he performed “Like You Say You Do,” he warned his audience that he may forget the words. And he did, but not until the end.

The song is from the perspective of a man to another man, insisting that he treat his woman right, or he'll have to step in:

“I watched you tell everyone that she is your only one but I see the other side / All the things you wanna hide / Man, you put you up a real good front, thinking you got everyone but you ain’t got me fooled / I see right through."

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