Maddie & Tae's new song "Mirror, Mirror" is just as refreshing as their past hits. The duo debuted the tune live at a concert on Oct. 16 in Baltimore, Md. at the WPOC Weekend in the Country Festival, and fans were loving it from the first note.

Maddie & Tae are known for bringing a new perspective to the country sound and not playing into female stereotypes (a la "Girl in a Country Song"). "Mirror, Mirror" seems to keep with these sensibilities. Though all of the lyrics aren’t clear from the live video, the song appears to be one of encouragement, championing listeners to keep going despite whatever has happened in their past (the "rearview mirror") and let it all go. The new tune is true to their pop-rock flavored country style and brings with it their signature harmonies, both singers strumming along on acoustics and clearly enjoying debuting it for fans.

The female duo are not only releasing new music, but new clothing, as well. Maddie & Tae have officially launched a clothing line with Bloomingdale’s called Aqua x Maddie & Tae, which debuted in August for the fall 2016 season.

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