I got excited when I saw my old Ghostbusters lunchbox and my Alf dolls. I was a die-hard Ghostbusters and Alf fan, as were a lot of people. Surely these treasures could bring in some cash.

Spoiler alert: your collectibles aren't worth much to anyone but you. Also, if your collectible was mass produced, it isn't worth much.

I went to eBay to see what my lunchbox was currently going for. Expecting to find at least $100, all I found was disappointment.

On average, these treasures from my child hood is going for about $20-$30. You wouldn't believe the number of "The Real Ghostbusters" lunchboxes up for sale. All of them, from 1986.

Charlie Hardin

The same goes for my Alf hand puppet from 1988 that came in a kids meal. It's worth about $6.

My stuffed Alf from '86? About $6, unless you're the "sponsored ad" which is going for about $37.

Charlie Hardin

At this point, I'm hoping for an eccentric billionaire with an obsession to offer to buy these things, or hold onto them for another 30 years and see what happens.