The Amarillo Zoo announced yesterday that they have a new addition to their family: a very cute, very young dromedary (one humped) camel named Daisy.

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Daisy was born on February 16th in the Dallas metroplex and made her way up to Amarillo only recently. She's still being bottle-fed and has quite a bit of growing to do before she reaches her full size--just a tad over 6 feet tall.

When I visited her today, we both were looking at each other eye-to-eye and I'm right at 5'8" (that's pretty tall, y'all). Let me tell you....those camel eyes can be a little intense, and one point I was waiting for her to spit!


According to Berkley Hilliard, who is the Amarillo Zoo curator:

“Daisy is wonderful and has adjusted quickly to her new home here at the zoo, She has a lot of personality and character. We love having her here. We think our visitors will also love her and enjoy getting to know her.”

I definitely agree, she has a very curious nature and will come up to the fence to see what's going on. It was certainly fun to watch some of the little ones who were there with their parents light up and interact with Daisy.

If you go to the Amarillo Zoo


The Amarillo Zoo is a wonderful little zoo that is big enough to keep your little ones happy and small enough where you aren't exhausted after miles of exhibits at the end of the day. Daisy is currently where the longhorn exhibit used to be. As for Boots he got new digs as well, he's in the much bigger pasture area next to the Bison and American Elk which certainly gives him a little more space.

The Amarillo Zoo is open daily 9:30 to 5:00 PM and admission ranges from $2 for Children 2-12, $4 for ages 13 and up and $3 for Seniors 62+

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