Miranda Lambert has been teasing the details of her upcoming album, The Weight of These Wings, and now she's given fans a possible hint as to some of the lyrics.

Lambert turned to Instagram once again on Friday (Oct. 21) to share a picture of some handwritten lyrics, which share the inner conflict that can come from attempting to pursue two different passions at once.

The singer-songwriter cites "a wish to fly" and "a wish to feel your feet on the ground" to start out, and also touches on a number of symbolic elements, including rain, feathers, clouds and sunshine, ending with "a dream to move people with words" and "a dream to be heard."

It seems likely that if this is excerpted from one of the new songs, that song is at least somewhat autobiographical, as many of Lambert's strongest efforts have been. How these words might break down into verses and choruses is unclear, and it's also unknown if this is the entire lyric to a track, a partial lyric, or simply a poem inspired by the album.

If these are song lyrics, it seems unlikely these lyrics would be set to a standard contemporary commercial country song -- which might not be surprising since Lambert has already revealed that The Weight of These Wings will be a double album comprising two discs with different themes. Disc 1 addresses the Nerve, and Disc 2 deals with the Heart. That could give her the room to attempt some less commercial material.

She's also shared the cover art and track listing, and in addition to releasing "Vice" to radio in advance of the album, Lambert recently performed one of the other new songs, "Covered Wagon," live during a show in Indiana.

The Weight of These Wings is set for release on Nov. 18. It is now available for pre-order via iTunes. Lambert will launch her Highway Vagabond Tour in January.

Miranda Lambert, The Weight of These Wings Lyric Excerpt:

"A wish to fly / A wish to feel your feet on the ground / A six foot span with a gust of wind / A six foot span in a hard rain."

"When the clouds let go and the water covers the feathers / When the clouds part and the sun dries the tears / A dream to move people with words / A dream to be heard."

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