Country upstart Mitchell Tenpenny's latest song to hit the internet puts shiny new rims on the Tim McGraw classic "Just to See You Smile." Readers can press play above to hear the rising star's take on the country hit.

The "Drunk Me" singer replaces McGraw's twangy confidence with a sense of R&B-inspired yearning. The song's backing track gets a facelift as well, going from a slowed-down hat act standard to a more modern-sounding tune featuring hip-hop drum beats and radio-friendly guitar riffs. It fits the sonic expectations of Tenpenny's fans and radio programmers while honoring one of modern country music's architects.

McGraw's tale of unconditional love was released on Aug. 9. 1997, and spent 42 weeks on the Billboard charts -- the longest that any country single charted in the '90s. "Just to See You Smile" later became the first McGraw song named Billboard's top country single of the year.

"Just to See You Smile" came out right before Tenpenny's eighth birthday, so he likely heard the song plenty of times between its release and when he first started playing guitar as a teenager. The singer-songwriter grew up with a front-row seat to the country music industry: He's a Nashville native, and his grandmother, Donna Hilley, worked her way up the ranks at Sony / ATV Nashville, from a receptionist to president and CEO.

Tenpenny's McGraw cover continues what could be a breakthrough year for the up-and-comer. Following the ascension of "Drunk Me" to No. 1, he recently released another single, "Alcohol You Later," from his debut album, 2018's Telling All My Secrets.

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