Road construction has been taking over Amarillo.  It seems like more construction projects are started before the current ones are finished.  Here are a few road closures for this week.

Now I don’t know how much sense it makes to start construction all over Amarillo before finishing the ones already started, but that’s what the city is doing.  More and more construction pops up each day.

This, of course, causes delays and may cause you to be late.  So I have searched for road closures and what not so that you can plan your route or alternate routes.

1-27, expect the left lane to be closed northbound from Bell Street to Western-repaving

I-40 frontage roads, expect various lane closures in both directions between Tyler and Washington Streets-sidewalk repairs

1-40, expect two lanes to be closed in each direction at Georgia and Crockett Street overpasses until late August- bridge-joint repair

Eastbound 1-40 exit ramp to Paramount-bridge work

Grand Street, the northbound lanes on the east-side of the roadway are closed-new overpass work

Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction on the two West-side lanes from about one mile South of 3rd street to about one mile North of 3rd street

This is what I found for road closures.  Now I know that there are many other areas enduring road construction.  For example, on 34th and Bell they have been repaving the roads, so expect delays here.

If you know of any other areas that are under construction, please share.  And of course, be courteous to all construction workers.  And thank you TX Dot for making sure are roads are nice and safe.

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